Our Favorite Kotaku Posts Of The Week

Our Favorite Kotaku Posts Of The Week

It’s all about the PS3 Slim this week and we have the Aussie take for you right here. Also, first impressions of Diablo III and Transformers DLC brings back more of the Transformers we love.[imgclear]

Looking Back: Our Verdicts On PS3 Slim Rumours
Verdict: Many rumours were true.

Your Pokemon Card Game Championship Winners Are…
It’s a funny, sad pic.

If The PS3 Is A Formula 1 Racer, What Is Xbox 360? The Wii?

Transformers DLC Brings Back More Of The Transformers We Love

Diablo III Impressions: Hands On With The Barbarian

Watch the ABC on your PS3

Xbox Live Arcade refund for Australia, too

What does Microsoft have to stay about the PS3 Slim?

PSPgo is just $50 cheaper than the PS3

The Beatles: Rock Band bundle not available at EB in Australia

Here’s how consoles should be priced for the holidays

All PS3s to be under $500 in Australia from August 24