Olympus E-600 Ditches The Power Windows And Climate Control

If the Olympus E-620 was a cheap Four Thirds camera, consider the E-600 an even cheaper Four Thirds camera.

Essentially an E-620 without the perks, the E-600 looks to be the exact same 12MP camera as its older sibling with the same 2.7 inch rotating live preview screen. But to bring the cost of a fully loaded 14-42mm f3.5/5.6 lens kit down by $US100, the aptly priced $US600 E-600 removes a few key features:

• backlit buttons (ouch) • three art filters (no biggie) • two-shot multi exposure mode (half ouch) • aspect mask control (I admit to not knowing what the hell this is, so I'm going with "no biggie" but correct me if I'm wrong)

So if you were considering an E-620, it's probably worth saving the extra $US100 to reinvest that cash into more glass—assuming you can wait for its release this November. [Imaging Resource via Electronista]

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