Oh Look, Some Florida Best Buys Already Have The PS3 Slim

The PS3 Slim is coming out in September. This is true! Unless, apparently, you live in Florida, where residents in two separate towns are reporting that the console is already on the shelves floors in their local Best Buys.

A tipster sent us this shot from a Daytona Beach Best Buy, where there are already a healthy—and as of yet untouched—stacks of the Slim, marked at the expected $US300. Price. Meanwhile, Engadget got a similar tip from Brandon, which is about two hours away from Daytona. This could've been one regional managerial goof-up, but could equally be two unconnected incidents, and a sign that Sony might've been using the word "September" sort of loosely.

So, Floridians: It's probably time to check your local Best Buy. Non-Floridians: It couldn't hurt to have a look. Let us know what you find. —Thanks, Boomy!

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