Octopus Cable Charges 10 Devices For Just 10 (US) Dollars

There are USB cords and there are USB cords...and there are USB cords with like, 10 different adaptors coming out. But rarely are such monstrosities this cheap.

The $US10 Octopus USB Cable has 10 different tentacles (ignore the fact that octopi usually have 8) to charge pretty much any mobile device you could own—most probably at a rate of one at a time. Specifically, that mix includes:

• Nokia 2.06mm (or 2mm) • Nokia 3.5mm • Sony PSP • Motorola (V3 series) & HTC and other phones using USB Mini 5 pin as a charging port • Micro USB (for Motorola V8…) • LG • Samsung (20P (s)) • Samsung (20P (M)) • Sony Ericsson Fast Port • iPhone / iPod (for charging and data)

Now why you'd ever be carrying around all of these devices at once, we cannot explain. And on a side note, wasn't it a bitch that the iPhone/iPod plug was last on the list? I was like, "BUT WILL IT WORK WITH MY FREAKIN' iP-OK, nevermind." [USB Fever via GearDiary]

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