Now Apple's Blocking All Ebook App Store Submissions?

TUAW says they've heard Apple is blocking all new ebook app submissions to the App Store because they're often used for "infringing upon third party rights" and "have chosen to not publish this type of application." Hmm.

It's definitely possible—Apple just kicked the third-largest developer in the App Store out for intellectual property violations—as part of a new crusade against intellectual property violations. And there's totally nothing wrong with making sure content isn't stolen.

Though it does seem a little strange to to slam the door on ebook apps carte blanche to keep developers from publishing—and people from reading, as one developer was supposedly—copyright-infringing books. And another developer told TUAW that an app for a "national content syndicate" was rejected, even though the syndicate obviously owns the rights to their own content.

For what it's worth the Kindle and Eucalyptus ebook apps are still sitting pretty in the App Store, so maybe, hopefully, it's just a handful of weird, isolated cases, with vocal developers, not something more alarming, like censoring a dictionary. [TUAW via MacRumors, Image via quinn.anyaFlickr]

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