Nokia Booklet 3G Netbook Packs GPS, 3G, HDMI and...Windows

So Nokia's got a 10-incher with built-in 3G and A-GPS (Ovi Maps) in the works. Interesting, but will it be just another netbook? I'd love to see a Nokia touchscreen interface on top of Windows. What about easy tethering with mobile phones?

Having some sort of tie-in with Nokia handsets (while not excluding everyone else) isn't a must, but it'd be nice, right? We'll have to wait and see.

Here's what we do know: It'll be "HD ready" and have an Atom processor—hopefully that means Nvidia Ion-based. It will also have Wi-Fi, HDMI, and an SD Card reader. With a 12-hour battery and weight of 1.25kg, there's some massive potential here, if only on paper.

Problem is we won't know more about its flavour of Windows-or any other specs and pricing-until Nokia World on September 2. Stay tuned.


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