Nokia And Microsoft To Announce Unholy Alliance

Apparently Nokia and Microsoft are having a teleconference tomorrow to announce an "alliance" of some sort between the two tech giants. But what can this all mean?

The problem is, Nokia and Microsoft are actually competitors in Nokia's main game. Nokia's Symbian mobile OS competes directly with Microsoft's Windows Mobile, so it's highly unlikely that Nokia would be manufacturing, say, WinMo handsets. They've already shot down a similar move when they denied a rumour that they'd be creating an Android phone.

Our best (or at least most optimistic) guess? Nokia's already rumoured to be partnering with Intel to create some sort of netbook or tablet. If the two companies could team up with Microsoft to make a badass Windows 7 tablet, it'd steal thunder from Apple's rumoured tablet (if the damn thing ever surfaces) and be a pretty enviable product in itself. Of course, this could just be something boring as all hell, like Bing or Outlook on Symbian, but we can always hope for the best. We'll let you know what comes out of this alliance of giants tomorrow. [Engadget]

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