Nintendo Patents Inflatable Horse Controller (Yes, That You Ride)

It's not enough for Nintendo that you look idiotic while flailing at a TV screen. They won't rest until a 90kg man is riding an inflatable "pony," "dolphin" or "gryphon."

Yes, those are the animals that a recently uncovered European Nintendo patent imagines you riding through your living room on this inflatable, Wiimote-implanted cushion. The Wiimote's accelerometers sense your rocking while the nunchuk, held in one's hand, serves as reins, a lasso or sword.

While the illustration is strange, the thought of a family of four group-dry-humping a pile of cushions during their next game night is downright repulsive. Of course a patent doesn't mean Nintendo will produce the thing. But they, at least for a moment, considered it. And that point alone is bad enough. [Siliconera via Kotaku]

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