Nikon D300s: Beautiful Things Happen When Pro Photographers Play

Nikon is demonstrating the 720p video powers of its new D300s digital SLR by tapping the talents of award-winning outdoor sports photographer, Robert Bösch, and photo journalist, Ami Vitale. The results are gorgeous.

As you may know, the $US1800 D300s has the same 12.3MP sensor as the D300, but adds the ability to shoot 24fps video at up to 720p HD in AVI format. The D300s also lets you auto-focus while shooting video (using contrast-detection), and edit video in the camera and apply effects. Though it's likely that some serious off-camera post-processing was applied in these sweeping videos, the results still speak for themselves.

It's a good move on Nikon's part, but I can't help going back to Vincent Laforet's stunning video using Canon's 1080p-capable 5D Mark II. [Nikon via PDNPulse and Engadget]

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