New Sony Ericsson Chief Is Ready To Make The Obvious Choices

Why should you care that Sony Ericsson, which has been in all kinds of restructuring turmoil for months, has had its Chief Executive replaced? Because the new guy, Bert Nordberg, has some practical, but distinctly un-Sony-Ericsson-like views on smartphones.

Sony Ericsson has taken leadership in the music phones and the camera phones with the Cybershot and the Walkman, but there are some weaknesses in the smart phone segment and we need to restore that

To translate: Sony Ericsson has spent the last five years desperately striving to dominate a segment of mobile phones — dumbphones — that nobody really cares about that much, and that reasonably-priced smartphones made obsolete in an instant. Congratulations in figuring out this painfully obvious thing, large company! Now hurry up with that Rachael. [WSJ]

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