Navigon And Sygic iPhone Apps Reviewed... Guess Who Wins?

map-appsRegular commenter and tipster poedgirl actually forked out the coin for both Australian navigation iPhone apps currently available on the App Store. Then she reviewed them. And the results aren't quite what I expected...

From poedgirl's review, the Sygic app seems to wipe the floor with Navigon, scraping it's face along the rough bits before dumping what's left in the nearest waste facility. Everything, from the user interface to the quality of the WhereIs maps over the Navigon's Navteq ones all seem to end up in favour of the Sygic app.

Little things, like being able to manually set your Home address, are made unnecessarily more difficult by the Navigon app, while the Navteq maps seemed to have a few errors in poedgirl's testing. Although one of her complaints - that the Navteq maps said her house number didn't exist - is a problem I face with every mapping software, and is only a minor quibble.

Still, things like user interface are incredibly important for a navigation app, and Navigon's apparent lack of customisation options seems to hurt it.

If you're thinking about picking up either app, the review is definitely worth a read.




    Since the comments don't seem to work at [ROAPD] ("Error: please fill the required fields (name, email)." - they are filled in) I'll leave it here and hope poedgirl reads it:

    Come on, it seems that you didn't really give Navigon a decent chance.
    (Please note that I have not used Sygic, and only briefly used Navigon)
    First of all, all maps are bound to have errors - whether its just out of date, or a simple typo or omission.
    I can't say I've noticed the pauses in the voice directions, but anyone who will blindly follow a direction like 'Turn Left' without thinking about it probably shouldn't be on the road at all.
    It's also fairly obvious that you didn't have a very deep look at Navigon at all - your statement that you can't change your home address is simply wrong. Just press 'Favourites' at the bottom of the screen and edit them all (including 'My Address') to your hearts content.

    poedgirl must be an employee of sygic...
    sygic really sucks. Horrible UI, clumsy AI.
    I'd use googlemap rather than sygic.

    Theres only one thing in sygic better than navigon - the voices. I think the voices of navigon seems awful compared to sygic.

      Hi Shawn, she is not;-) We even found her review on twitter - she did neither talk to us before (or ever) nor got a free review code for review - she probably bought it. There are different views and tastes of all the people... I respect yours, too. Thanks for appreciation of the voices, though:-)

    I have just used the Navigon in europe for a month and while it works well enough I did have some issues with it. Sometimes the instructions were a little confusing, like when it says to "bare left" instead of "turn left" and the on screen wasn't allways helpful. I am going to be looking at which Australian GPS very carefully.

    I dunno, Shawn...

    I bought Sygic on the strength (weakness) of the Navigon demo. It was so clunky!

    Been using Sygic on and off for a few weeks, and for the price ($60 with gift vouchers) its well worth it for anyone who's an irregular GPS user. If you're a regular user then you probably shouldn't be looking for an iPhone app at all?

    My only gripe is that often I have to reboot the phone before getting a GPS signal. Not sure if that's sygic or the iPhone.

      Hi Kevn, rebooting is the iPhone issue... just one app can run at a time (only exception is music playback) - you can see this behaviour at all nav apps, even at Navigon

    Give it a rest fellow commenters. I very very much doubt she is sygic employee. It is very well known amongst GPS brands that Navteq maps in Australia suck balls. Hence unsurprising that navigon loses on this count. As for user interface - I personally think they both suck, but given the inaccuracies of navteq maps Sygic has the edge.

    All being said I'm waiting for a better experience with Tomtom and the phone cradle.

    Tried both - Bought Sygic - Works like a proper GPS unit - Needs some iPhone touches though - Pinch to zoom etc - Touch & drag - Contacts integration - Good value at $69.00 - TomTom will be around the $179.00 mark (or so I've heard)

    I have both. The Sygic is ugly, but the Navigons maps are terrible. No speed cameras. Limited PIO. Sygic at least has decent mapping and a good POI database. Would like to see Sygic get a facelift and text to speech.


      Hi Flash and all waiting for update in Australia - it is coming and it will include both text to speech, iPhone contacts integration and more iPhone-like scrolling. See iTunes description for full detials of the upcoming free update. However, we are a multiplatform company, so our app will keep having similar UI throughout Symbian, Win Mobile, iPhone and Android phones - in return for this we are fast in updates and supporting you ;-)

    Whoops, didn't realise comments didn't work on my blog. Explains why most of my recent posts haven't got any. I'll take a look into it.

    I explained the reasons for liking the interface in Sygic in the post, it looks and behaves very similar to TomTom. Of course, I'll try out TomTom when it comes out and I expect that to be way better than both.

    In my testing, I didn't even notice the Favourites button. This is just another example that the interface isn't intuitive. It attempts to look too much like a regular iPhone app and not like a navigation app.

    I have been using a 'proper' Tom Tom for severa; years and recently purchased the Greece maps. I have also purchased Navigon for the iPhone. The Navigon beast the TomTom hands down for map coverage and facilities.

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