Mobile Phone Users Are Some Rude-Ass People Nowadays

Mobile Phone Users Are Some Rude-Ass People Nowadays

According to two surveys, one by Tellme and one by buzzd, mobile phone users are doing some pretty atrocious stuff and thinking it’s alright. The worst? Talking in a movie theatre.

Here’s what the tellme survey shows:

• 77% say they’d talk on their phones in a theatre or a concert
• 71% say they’d use their phones in a restaurant

The rest, running errands (88%), waiting at an appointment (80%), walking (78%), visiting friends (68%) aren’t so bad, but three out of four people would talk in a theater? Really? I don’t want to be old man Chen, but kids these days! *shakes fist*

The buzzd one also says that 60% of mobile phone users have drunk dialed, and 68% have drunk texted. I’d say drunk dialing is a much better offence than talking at a theatre. A drunken hookup hurts at most two, maybe three people, depending on the circumstances. A mobile phone conversation during Iron Man 2 affects everyone.