Mio Upgrades Its Flavoured Milk Moov Satnavs

Mio Upgrades Its <strike>Flavoured Milk</strike> Moov Satnavs
mio-a470It must be satnav season. After Navman, Garmin and TomTom making announcements over the past month or so, Mio today announced that they’ve just upgraded their Moov range of satnavs for Australia. And they’re cheap!

There are three models in the new range: the Moov A350, A430 and A470, which have price points of $199, $299 and $399 respectively. Features are all pretty generic, with Navteq mapping, resistive touchscreens and the option for SUNA traffic in the two “premium” units. Unfortunately, they decided to stick with the Moov branding though, which still makes me think of sunny days as a kid drinking strawberry flavoured milk, running around and then throwing it all back up again…

Ready, set, go with Mio

Mio’s new GPS devices are sleek, clear and simple, yet packed with features to help you get ‘back’ to where you are going.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated and easy-to-use GPS that is filled with useful functions then look no further. Mio’s latest Moov series is packed with advanced features that boast an equally impressive price tag. The new range gives you all the convenience, and the latest in technology, that a GPS has to offer without breaking the budget.

With the very affordable Moov A350 priced at $199, it has never been easier to hop in your car and get “Mooving” with Mio. The new series comprises the Moov A350, Moov A430 and Moov A470 with all models featuring clear large LCD screens with resistive panels, tap touch screens and a two year warranty. The A470 also features an exciting new extra wide 4.7” screen.

Moving from screen to screen can be tricky with some GPS, but with all models designed with a handy ‘back’ button, Mio helps you to get back to the main menu and back to where you are going!

“Our newest range reflects what we think a GPS device should be, made up of the latest technology and most useful features but easy-to-use and available at exceptional prices. Mio’s advanced technology is now available with an even bigger screen and more features. We have introduced Google live points of interest search capabilities on the top range model, allowing you to discover and explore more with your Mio,” says Marcus Fry, General Manager of Mio.

All models offer a 30 day latest map guarantee powered by NAVTEQ, including downloadable map updates and global maps. SUNA live lifetime traffic updates are also optional for both the A430 and A470. SUNA gives its users real time traffic updates, alerting drivers to the causes of any road delays, giving them an approximate time of the delay and an alternative route option to reach their destination on time. Real time traffic updates are available in metropolitan areas including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and newly launched cities of Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

Mio comes with an impressive 600,000 points of interest built into the A430 and A470 models and 100,000 POI’s for the A350. The best that your city has to offer is at your fingertips with no
additional downloads required. So while you are out there discovering new and fun locations, your Mio Moov will also alert you to practical things such as the nearest parking station, petrol station and tourist attraction. And with so many points of interest to get through, Mio Moov comes with a multiple stop journey function so you can plan as many detours as you like along the way.

The A470 offers Bluetooth Handsfree capabilities, allowing you to conduct live searches for venues and locations via Google and receive live weather updates.

An ultra handy Navpix library is also featured in the Mio Moov series, so you can find and explore new and exciting destinations recommended by friends and family using photo navigation. Drivers can simply download geo-tagged images from Flickr, Google Earth and the MioMore desktop software and save them in an album.

A multi-lingual speaking keyboard will also guide you every step of the way with the option for Australian pronunciation in either a male or female voice. With spoken street names and extended lanes information on both the A430 and A470, Mio Moov will get you there safely with turn-by-turn guidance.

Mio Moov’s safety features include visual and audio alerts for over 11,000 safety cameras, school zones, railway crossings and accident black spots. A digital log book is also featured in all models, including road toll alerts, so you can keep track of your business trip costs and fuel spending.

All models include an in-vehicle mounting bracket, charger, desktop DVD and USB active sync cables for the A430 and the A470.

Recommended retail prices:

Mio Moov A350 $199 (Including 1GB of memory)
Mio Moov A430 $299 (Including 1GB of memory)
Mio Moov A470 $399 (Including 2GB of memory)

The new Mio Moov series will be available in Harvey Norman, Clive Peeters, Retravision, Supercheap Auto, Ryda and Bing Lee nationwide from August 2009.