Medion X9613: A Multitouch PC That Longs To Be Your Home Theatre

If you can handle its 24-inch screen, the Medion X9613 all-in-one certainly looks the part of a perfectly contained HTPC.

Loaded with Windows 7, the X9613 features a multitouch screen, Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor, Nvidia GT240M graphics, 4GB of RAM, Blu-ray drive and even a second Sideshow monitor (that box you see on the bottom, we believe). But it's the system's glossy, touch-button and fingerprint-friendly design that would make it an aesthetically welcome addition to one's typical array of home theatre equipment.

Announced for Europe only at the moment, the X9613 is priced between AU$2565 to AU$3250 after conversion. Luckily, these types of rigs will only get cheaper.[New Gadgets via Engadget]

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