Matte Screen Option Returns For 15-inch MacBook Pro

We've mentioned that this could be on the cards, and now it's official. Apple has reinstated the matte screen option for 15-inch MacBook Pros—but it'll charge you $US50 for the privilege, and you'll lose that full-screen glass look.

AU: The matte screen option isn't available in the Australian Apple Store just yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we know more.

Update (13/8/2009): The antiglare display option is now available for 15-inch MacBook Pros for an extra 80 bucks.

That's pretty much what went down with the 17-inch Macbook Pro, so it's not a huge surprise. And if the anti-glare screens annoy the bejesus out of you, it's still a better option than paying $US200 to have the screen replaced. The bad news: still no word on iMacs getting the same option. [Thanks Alexander!]

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