Magazine Industry Finally Checks "Video Content" Off Its Bucket List

That's right, aging denizens of the 50s, futuristic video magazines are here. Almost. Come fall, Entertainment Weekly will feature its first full-motion advertisement, to sell you on a technology called "television".

CBS and PepsiCo will take out a video-enabled ad, seen above in all its stamp-sized glory, which will pitch TV content to subscribers, though only in New York and Los Angeles. (Sorry, Real America!) The ads will probably be short, but the company that makes the video hardware, Americhip, says it can support of to 40 minutes of video.

Long-form video content in a magazine sounds pretty cool—think a full episode of a TV show in EW, or a mini-documentary in The Economist—but in an advertising application, it's firmly in "gimmick" territory. This blurry shot doesn't tell us much about how video quality is, or how bulky the insert will be. I'm going to make some wagers: low, and very.

There's an undeniable, retro-futurist draw to the whole thing, but remember what happened last time a magazine tried to incorporate one of print's enemy technologies into its pages? It was underwhelming, and a little sad. The emotions of the future, folks! [CNET—Image by Caroline McCarthy/CNET]

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