Lenovo Twitters New IdeaCentre Nettops, Home Server

Lenovo claims its upcoming Q100/Q110 nettops are "some of the thinnest in the world." We'll wait and see, but I like that etched motif. Meanwhile, we know more about the D400 Windows Home server because it's already available in Asia.

The picture above shows the D400 has four hot-swappable drive bays, and what little English there is on its Chinese site mentions 1 eSATA and 5 USB ports. We'll let you know when Lenovo coughs up pricing in the next week.

Lenovo's Twitter messages:

We'll also soon be announcing the IdeaCentre Q100/Q110 nettops— some of the thinnest nettops in the world

More details to come this week but here's a first look at Lenovo's first home server, the IdeaCentre D400

[Lenovo via Engadget]

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