Latestbuy’s Power Pouch Has A Million Gadget Plugs

Latestbuy’s Power Pouch Has A Million Gadget Plugs
powp-350aWell, maybe not a million, but it probably has a plug for your portable gadget, whatever that may be.

The Power pouch from Latestbuy is a solar panel-packing pouch that incorporates a portable battery and a million different little plugs. You can plug your gadget directly into the sunlight scraping juice pack and charge using the sun, or you can plug your gadget into the included battery, which you conveniently didn’t forget to charge using the solar panel back when it was sunny.

If you do happen to forget to charge the battery though, it can be charged via USB as well.

Included in the charging adapters are:

Mobile phone adaptors for: LG, Motorola, Nokia (thin & standard plug), Samsung, Sony Ericsson (wide & standard plug) and iPhone.

4 mm straight jack for: Sony PSP, Tom Tom GPS, digital cameras, PDAs and two-way radios.

USB female socket for: iPods, MP3 players, PDAs and GPS systems.

Mini-B USB male plug for: charging the portable battery via USB and for connecting other devices that also use a Mini-B USB connection.

And the best part is that unlike the Powertraveller, which offers the same sort of functionality, this thing is cheap. Like $50 cheap. But considering all the free juice you’ll get, that’s a bargain and a half, right?