Police Send Robot To Negotiate With Alleged Terrorist

So, this is actually happening: the LAPD is currently locked in a standoff with a guy implicated in "threats" against the White House, and they're sending a robot in as a negotiating tool. 2009? Pretty weird!

The standoff follows a "wild" freeway chase, which was apparently unconnected to the fact that this guys is wanted "as part of a federal inquiry into threats against the White House", which doesn't sound like the kind of thing you want to be wanted for—hence, probably, the chase.

Anyway: the bomb squad's Johnny 5 lookalike has been conscripted to try to "coax the suspect out of the vehicle," possibly bringing him a mobile phone and giving the police clues as to who might be in the car with him. This is pretty surreal, but I'd imagine this kind of thing—the use of robots in law enforcement, not dudes who don't like Barack Obama getting into protracted car chases—will be a common sight before too long. Good luck, fellas! (and you too, robocop!) [KTLA]

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