iWorld iPhone 3GS/BlackBerry Curve Winners Announced

iworld-compDid you enter the iWorld comp to win an iPhone 3GS or a BlackBerry Curve? Well, if you did, iWorld has just announced the winners...

Congratulations to all the winners: iPhone Winners: 1. David Young (ACT) 2. Tania Lewis (QLD) 3. Dwaine Batson (Vic) 4. Suzanne Lawless (NSW) 5. Jacquelyn Dewaard (QLD)

Blackberry Winners: 1. Kon Kontopoulos (Vic) 2. David Robins (Vic) 3. Jujeev J Thava (NSW) 4. Troy Bullner (WA) 5. Dean Rydquist (Tas)

If you didn't win, better luck next time!

[iWorld Australia]



    I had an inkling that I wouldn't win, so I bought my own.

    And SA misses out again!

      Poor Beau in SA :P


    "If you didn’t win, better luck next time!"

    yeah, yeah.. thats what they said last time.. and the time before that... :'(

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