iTunes 9 Feature Rumours: Blu-ray, App Organisation, Social Media

One of Boy Genius Report's "pretty reliable" sources hinted at a few of the new features to be found in the upcoming release of Apple iTunes 9. We're not sure we believe them, but let's take a look.

The biggest new feature would have to be the addition of Blu-ray support, supposedly to go along with the Blu-ray integration in upcoming iMacs. We're decided skeptics on a Blu-ray/Apple union, because it doesn't really make a lot of sense for Apple's business model. Apple's making boatloads of cash from digital media, and supporting a physical format that they don't make a penny from just doesn't feel like a smart move. Plus, we've been hearing this damn rumour for years.

More plausible is the ability to rearrange and move iPhone apps with iTunes 9, which is the kind of feature Apple should have had for years. Aside from that, there's some typical rumbling about the integration of Twitter, Facebook and—we wouldn't rule them out, but we're also not particularly excited about it. How about a "Play Next" or on-the-go playlist feature, like WinAmp, Mediamonkey and others have had for years? iTunes 9 is expected to debut around September, with the intro of new iPods. [Boy Genius Report]

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