Is Apple Releasing An 8GB iPhone 3GS? (Probably Not)

Would Apple really ship something so weirdly regressive and line-mudding as that? Yes, according to Canadian carrier Rogers' website. Also, no, according to Canadian carrier Rogers' website, and salespeople. Let's take a gander at the evidence!

First, the above chart: it clearly indicates the existence of an 8GB 3GS—look at that checkmark!—which seems to lend credence to an earlier, shakier report from BGR that the carrier would launch an 8GB version of the handset. But then, this:

That's from the same site, on the front page. If there was an 8GB version of the 3GS, it's safe to assume it'd be cheaper, and just as safe to assume that Rogers would advertise this fact. Rogers spokespeople were unavailable for comment this morning, but we can confirm their salespeople know nothing of the device, telling us that the only 8GB iPhone available is the 8GB 3G. Of course, the chart could reflect leaked info about some future announcement, but I'm leaning toward some intern screwing up a chart over a bizarre, irrational shakeup to Apple's—and by proxy, Rogers, AT&T, 02 and others'—product line. [MacRumors via BGR]

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