How About A Giz AU Update?

We've seen some pretty big changes at Giz AU HQ this week. Hopefully it'll help make our site even better!

First up, we've got a new Night Editor to look after editing all the US stuff that comes through overnight. Her name's Elly and for her first week, she's doing a damned fine job. She also spends a bit of time editing comments, so make sure you make her feel welcome.

One of the benefits of having a night ed is that I get to focus on the new and local stuff, rather than making sure all the US content is being edited. Hopefully you've noticed there's been a surge in the number of posts with an Aussie flag next to them this week – that's something that's here to stay. I'm now based in our Darlinghurst offices full time as well, which means that I might actually get around to organising that Giz AU drinks session sometime soon. No promises though.

So, hope you enjoy all the bonus content I'll be spewing out through my fingers. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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