Hollywood Studios Strike DivX Deal For Download-to-Own Movies

There are a ton of devices that support DivX playback (the PS3, DVD and Blu-ray players, etc.), so news of Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Bros agreeing for their movies to be downloaded in DivX for the first time is actually pretty interesting. And any added competition for iTunes and Cinema Now is only going to help keep them on their toes, right?

AU: Film Fresh is only open to US customers “at this time”, so don’t hold your breath. -EH

If people notice, I guess. The DivX format movies will be available to download (and own) from Film Fresh for about $US10 to $US15. They’ll also be “high-quality”, though I haven’t been able to get actual specs yet. Of note: you will be able to transfer it onto a USB drive, burn it to a disc, etc. [DivX]

“High-quality DivX video playback is a key feature in many Toshiba products, including DVD players and digital TVs, not to mention our newest portable DVD player,” said Jodi Sally, Vice President of Marketing for Toshiba’s Digital A/V Group. “We’re thrilled that our U.S. customers will be able to download Hollywood movies in the DivX format for playback on our products in the comfort of their homes and even on the go.”