Half Dome Screen Wraps Games And Movies Around You

Ha, this looks awesome. This half dome projector screen is big enough for two people to sit in front of, and isn't just a damn prototype—the California company behind it actually has them for sale.

The dome screen measures one metre deep by 1.8 metres wide, and uses a special 18-inch mirror to reflect the image from your projector that's hidden away on the outside. In the pic above you can see the little hole that the projector beams through, but in the video below they've just clumped it on the desk.

It's not cheap at $US1440 (including international delivery), but that's still about $US3000 less than we've seen floated by creators of similar products in the past. If you're a gaming junkie (particularly with the racers), have a projector lying around, and don't mind a little bit of skewed edge distortion, then I guess this be a possible alternative to a big screen HDTV. Maybe.

Oh, fun fact: An inflated outdoor (2.4-metre by 4.8-metre) version is also available for your crazy backyard hi jinks. [Think Out of the Box aka T.O.O.B. via Crave Asia]

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