Hackmodo: Making A Stand

Hackmodo: Making A Stand

Gadgets stands are usually begrudging buys: If your gadget needs a stand, it probably should’ve come with one; if it could just sorta use one, it’s hard to justify the cost. The solution? Make your own damn stand, for nothing.

Gadgets stands, from iPods and eBook readers to HDTVs and laptops, are some of the most accessible DIY projects out there—no circuit diagrams, static bracelets or soldering irons here, just cheap, useful, approachable projects. Here are a few of the best.

Why you want one: It’s easier on your wrists, keeps your notebook cool (especially low-to-the-ground models, like MacBooks), and can give you some space to stow accessories. Taller units make watching TV less painful.[imgclear]

The ring binder

The cardboard box

The coat hanger

Why you want one: Aside from often doubling as a charging dock, iPod stands make the hunched-over, arms-out process of video-viewing a little more bearable. With a good Twitter app, news aggregator or music streaming service, or just the native media interface, it can also let you use an iPod Touch or iPhone as a quasi secondary display.[imgclear]

The binder clip
much more complicated one

The paperclipdo

The business card

The Kindle
Why you want one: For reading?[imgclear]

The bedheadXKCD

The Bookend

Why you want one: Because a having TV stand or mount is a given, and they universally cost too much.

The Easel

The Diner Table