Get Tanned Without Leaving Your Desk, No Cancer Risks Involved

If you look like Snow White or a dead fish after a chemical spill in all your photos, don't worry: Now you can tan in no time, no risks involved, without leaving the comforting light of your monitor.

I mean, who needs to spend any time frolicking half-naked on the beach, drinking cocktails and smoothies with funny umbrellas on top, while a buxom Swedish blonde applies suntanning cream over every. single. inch. of your body? Who would like to do that when you can spend all your time in front of the computer reading Gizmodo, pointing out mistakes, and screaming "PHOTOSHOPPED!" every other post?

Well, this time you can scream Photoshop all you want, and you will be right, so go ahead. Now, please excuse me while I f—k off to the beach. [Metacafe]

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