Fujitsu Will Upgrade New Vista Machines To Windows 7

win7-fujitsuFujitsu is the latest PC manufacturer to announce they'll be offering upgrades to Windows 7 for all their new machines pre-installed with Vista. It's not quite free though...

If you bought a Fujitsu LifeBook A1120, A6220, A6230, P1630, P8020, S6520, S6420, S6421, T2020, T1010, T5010, U2020, U2010 and Fujitsu L1010 after June 29, 2009, you're eligible to get an upgrade to Windows 7. It'll cost you $28.99 though, to cover "materials, shipping and handling charges within Australia". Also, you can only pay via credit card.

Perhaps the scariest aspect of this is that there are only "limited quantities" available. Which means that you should register sooner rather than later if you want a fairly cheap upgrade.


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