Fancy Fast Food Is Pure Deep Fried, Greasy, Glazed Culinary Genius

Brilliant. That's the only way to describe the epicurial madness that takes place at Fancy Fast Food, which completely deconstructs real, everyday fast food and rebuilds it into something completely different. And delicious. You'll never guess what this was.

This is the Wendy's Napoleon, created using the raw materials of a Wendy's Baconator, large fries, small coke, 12 sugar packets and 2 packets of ketchup. Or how about the Le Chicken Confit, made with McDonald's chicken nuggets, large fries, a few packets of sauce, and Fruit and Walnut salad?

No crazy gadgets involved, but like I said, genius. [Fancy Fast Food]

Taste Test is our week-long tribute to the leaps that occur when technology meets cuisine, spanning everything from the historic breakthroughs that made food tastier and safer to the Earl Grey-friendly replicators we impatiently await in the future.

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