EyeClops $US100 Mini Projector Review (Just More Childhood Trauma)

EyeClops $US100 Mini Projector Review (Just More Childhood Trauma)

The Gadget: The EyeClops Mini Projector. It projects SD content up to 60 inches across. Yeah, it’s technically a toy, but historically, EyeClops makes some cool stuff.

The Price: $US100, cheap!

The Verdict: At age 27, I may be a successful gadget writer with a decent BS filter. But apparently, I still get suckered by the flashy promises of a new children’s toy. It’s in the DNA, I guess.

I went into this review with very low expectations. If the $US100 toy could produce an image of even nominal quality, I’d be gushing over it. Unfortunately, it’s just not capable enough to ever become fun.

Daytime viewing is simply not happening—not a complete surprise, given that brightness is the number one downfall of any projector. But the EyeClops’ LEDs can’t cut through even the slightest inklings of stray light…except at a throw distance of about a foot away when the screen is tiny.

At night, the screen may be brighter, but it’s still not something you’d want your kids watching. At a size of about 46 inches, it was impossible to find any sort of critical focus. And the picture below makes the image look a lot more contrasty than it actually was.
The surprise? The EyeClops speaker is loud and very clear. At max volume, you can hear the thing in the next room. So theoretically, the projector could replace a TV without the need for some extra speaker solution. Theoretically.

Products like the EyeClops Bionic Eye and Night Vision Goggles are both highly regarded tech toys for children—and both are quite a bit cheaper than this projector. Go with one of those choices and wait for mini projection technology in general to catch up.