Evidence Of Planetary Collision Observed By NASA

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has picked up on what seems to be evidence of two planets impacting and then exploding in a oh-dear-God-it's-like-the-Death-Stars-all-over-again-no-no-nooooooooooo way. The artist's animation of the event looks phenomenal, but sadly lacks any kablooey! sounds.

The infrared detectors of the Spitzer Space Telescope picked up "signatures of the vaporized rock, along with pieces of refrozen lava," which imply that a planetary collision may have occurred. The remaining debris is very similar to that which formed Earth's moon after an object the size of Mars impacted with the planet and could result in another moon forming.

No word on which planet is at fault as they were both speeding at 36,049 kilometres an hour. [YouTube via SpaceRef]

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