DormVault Laptop Safe Fends Off Roommates

At first glance, this ruggedised steel box looks kinda lame, but because it bolts to furniture from the inside (using supplied mounting parts), it actually wouldn't be a bad way to protect your 17-inch-or-smaller laptop in communal living situation.

For its $US80, the DormVault also comes with a combination lock, but — as that's the weakest link in the rig — I'd probably invest in something a little more heavy duty. Neat idea, though, assuming you're actually able to go about drilling holes in things.

Features • Rugged steel construction • 16' x 13" x 5" • Weighs 9 pounds • Laptop Safe for Dorm Room or Apartment • Attaches to Furniture • Holds up to 17" laptops and Personal Accessories • Comes with mounting brackets, multiple-size bolts, wingnuts and combination lock

[ThinkGeek via DVICE]

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