Digital Radio Gets An Official Launch Tomorrow

Digital Radio Gets An Official Launch Tomorrow
Digital Radio Gets An Official Launch TomorrowTomorrow is August 6, and you know what that means? The often delayed DAB+ digital radio is being officially launched across the country. And to celebrate, all the breakfast radio personalities* from all the radio stations will be having one great big love-fest where they broadcast together and talk about how good digital radio is. Huzzah!

But wait! Don’t write this off just yet! I know that radio is a heritage technology and that most of us have moved onto podcasts as a way of getting our fix of radio-like entertainment. But they’re giving away free stuff! To the general public! Surely that should inspire interest in this sort of dull new technology?

The launch event begins at 5:30 tomorrow morning in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Each location will have a listening area where you can see for yourself how much cash it will cost you to upgrade to digital radio what kind of benefits digital radio has for the average punter…

Here’s a list of event locations:

Sydney – Martin Place Melbourne – Federation Square Brisbane – Reddacliff Place Adelaide – Victoria Square Perth – Forrest Place

* Alan Jones is reportedly not going to be in Sydney, so you won’t be able to congratulate him on being Alan Jones. Also, there’s some doubt over whether Kyle and Jackie O will be in Sydney either, for some reason

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