Diesel Supports Artists And Plumbers With Real Life Pipes

Diesel Supports Artists And Plumbers With Real Life Pipes

Nature Factory by Makoto Tanijir is an art installation housed inside Diesel’s Tokyo Denim Gallery and a stunning, tangled mess of plastic pipes and joints which will make you forget that you came to buy some skinny jeans.

The Diesel Denim Gallery, found in Tokyo and New York, is a store known to house only the “most prestigious” Diesel collections while supporting and exhibiting the works of fast rising artists. The concept of this particular installation is explained as:

Denim as recognised work clothes formerly has, at times, shown different expressions as fashion items to the people. Equally, a group of plumbing, usually unnoticed, shows completely different expressions under the name of “Nature Factory”. The complex plumbing, trailing by the wall in all directions will cover all over the space. It is like a tree grown over a long time. An atmosphere like a natural arbor is created in the space covered with artificial plumbing.

New attractive scenery is presented with plumbing and fashion-items to show such primarily functional things actually are more diverse and also have higher value.

Ah, so artists are supported in the name of selling more clothing. There goes my optimism about charity, but it’s still one incredible looking store.

[imgclear] [Diesel via Dezeen]