Dell's Mini3i Phone Smiles For Camera, Lacks 3G And Wi-Fi

So Dell's made-for China Mobile Mini3i looks confirmed. But it's no smartphone. Apparent hands-on reports suggest it's a 2G device, with no 3G or Wi-Fi. However, it does have that 3.5-inch touchscreen and Micro SD card slot we heard about.

The Mini3i runs the Android-based Open Mobile System (OMS), and according to the report, was shown at China Mobile's event for its new application platform.

The write-up goes on to say that two volume adjustment keys and a mini USB port are on the left side of the capacitive touchscreen, which has a resolution of 360 by 640. The back of the phone has a large Dell logo, Micro SD card slot, and 3.2-megapixel camera with what looks an LED light.

Still no word on an official release date, but if you're China, it looks like you won't have to wait long. [Mobile-163 (translated) via Cloned in China via Engadget]

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