Crazy John's Offering Pink BlackBerry Pearl 8110 On $39 Plan

pink-pearl-8110What's notable about this offering from RIM and Crazy John's isn't the pink BlackBerry Pearl 8110. It's the fact that you can sign up for a BlackBerry plan for under $40 a month. Of course, that doesn't necessarily make it good value.

It's not bad value as such – for $39 a month over 24 months you get the Pearl, plus $150 worth of "value". But calls are charged at 47 cents per 30 seconds, with a 35 cent flagfall, which seems on the expensive side of things. On the upside though, you do get unlimited Blackberry email and Internet, so that kind of counters the high call rate argument.

Still, not many of you will be jumping on this offer anyway, seeing as how the phone is pink and all. Maybe your girlfriend, wife or teenage daughter, but you? Not so much...

[Crazy John's]

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