China And Portugal Agree: Next-Gen iPods Will Have Cameras

A Portuguese online store has let slip on two more genuine-looking cases designed for the fifth-gen iPod Nano, and third-gen iPod Touch—and their top/center camera placement perfectly matches the legion of made-in-China cases that Cult of Mac spotted recently.

Update: Pics pulled, cases "available September". Hmmm?

A recently rumoured September keynote (when iPods tend to be announced), supposed iTunes 9 screenshots, mounting case leaks? New iPods are a comin', and my it's looking more and more like they'll have cameras.

New: JIVO TPA Case Blue for iPod Touch 3G

New: JIVO TPA Case Blue for iPod Nano 5G

One of more than a dozen case shots that Cult of Mac obtained:

[Obrigado fanático das maçãs]

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