Catch Of The Day Pressure Cooker Has Great Savings (If It Works)

cotd-pressure-cookerFancy a Wii or Nintendo DS Lite for half price? How about an Eee PC for $199? Then you should probably spend your lunch break today glued to Catch Of The Day.

Starting at midday today, the online deal site has 100 Wii consoles up for $199, 100 Red Mario Nintendo DS Lites, and 2000 Eee PCs, plus eight other mystery products up for grabs. Those numbers mean that stocks are going to fly off shelves, and if the last time COTD had a big sale is anything to go by, you should probably prepare yourself for disappointment.

Still, if you do manage to pick up one of these bargains, all the frustration will be worth it...

You need to be a member to be eligible for the deals as well, so you should probably sign up now if you want a chance in hell of getting through.

[Catch Of The Day]

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