Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-englishI’m down in Melbourne today with Toyota for the official start of manufacturing for their upcoming Camry Hybrid. Exciting!

Here’s the best of the weekend:
Rumour: Apple Working On XL Tablet Running Full Mac OS X
Haven’t we heard this one already?

Food Tech: What Doesn’t Make You Stronger Could Kill You

10 Takes On OS X Snow Leopard: Furry And Ferocious

8 Foods That Should Never Be Canned

Supposed Canon EOS 7D Poster And Lenses Turn Up Online
Considering how long we waited for the 5D MKII, this surprises me.

GPS With Real-Time Info Can Save Four Days Of Driving A Year
That’s a lot of time…

Cooking With Magnets: An Intro To Induction
This is definitely going into my kitchen when I renovate one day.

LG Preparing To Reveal Largest Retail OLED TV Next Month

Must own….