Borders Bookstores Include Mysterious "Apple iPAD" In Survey

A recent survey from Borders Bookstores seeks to find how familiar its customers are with eReaders from Amazon, Sony and Plastic Logic. This particular survey, however, includes "the Apple iPAD (large screen reading device)" which is exceedingly interesting.

There are a few possible explanations for the inclusion of a phantom, hotly anticipated device on a tangentially related retailer's customer survey. First, Borders, somehow, in some weird alternate universe, has incredibly privileged information from Apple on the most secretive product since the iPhone and has haphazardly name-dropped it in a survey. For reasons I just stated while explaining that option, I don't believe that's too likely.

The more logical explanation is that Borders thinks an Apple tablet or eReader is possible, and included it on the survey based solely on the extensive rumours that those dastardly blogs have been ranting about. That explains the very un-Apple capitalisation of iPAD as well as the parenthetical description. Our best bet? Pure speculation. Like, well, everything else involving the Apple tablet. [Borders via Engadget]

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