Bluelounge's Refresh Station Charges Four Devices At Once

The Refresh charging station is like a beautifully slimmed down version of Bluelounge's Sanctuary charger, with half the connections: 2x iPod/iPhone, 2x USB, plus single Micro USB and Mini USB plugs.

It can charge two iPod/iPhones simultaneously while also charging a Blackberry and a bluetooth headset for instance. In fact, using the two iPod connectors and two of your own iPod cords, you could even charge four iPod/iPhones at the same time.

It's good to see they've thrown in Micro USB, too. That's a nice bit of future-proofing given that most mobile phone makers (in Europe at least) will soon be using it universally. You can pick one up in white, black and pink for $US90—which isn't exactly cheap—but the Refresh definitely looks like a pretty slick piece of kit. [Bluelounge via Yanko Design]

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