Belkin Flythru Now Gets You Through Aussie Airport Security

We first saw the Belkin Flythru laptop bag back in November 2008, but it has finally made it through international security to get an Australian launch... finally!

The press release for the $90 bag reckons that you won't even need to take your laptop out of the bag - you just unzip the bag and lay it flat on the X-ray scanner for security to examine. There's a clear plastic screen that makes viewing the laptop easy, which should make the security process simple. But judging from my previous experiences with the customs agents at Sydney Airport, you'll probably still need to pull the laptop out anyway.

Even so, the bag does look like it makes pulling the notebook out of the bag easy as well, so you shouldn't have too many problems either way. The bag will fit laptops up to 15.4 inches in size, and has fewer metal zippers, which apparently helps the security process.

Belkin FlyThru Perfect for travellers that want to FlyThru security bag checkpoints

(Tuggerah, NSW) – August 10, 2009 – Things are getting easier at the airport—with Belkin’s FlyThru, you no longer need to take your laptop out of the bag in the security line. This revolutionary new bag isolates your laptop on one side, and the clear window makes it easy for airport security to identify it. Just unzip the bag and lay it flat. Keep your other personal belongings away from the laptop and you should get the all clear. Enjoy your flight!

Features • Secure compartments to organize your accessories while traveling • Clear window over laptop compartment for visibility • Designed with minimal metal zippers and hardware for checkpoint screening clarity • Comfortable shoulder padding with removable strap • Sized for both standard and widescreen laptops up to 15.4" • 1-Year Warranty



    Get a brain - "Customs" don't do security, and, of course you have to take it out the bag - or are security supposed to believe that anyone who buys this crap bag wouldn't conceal anything with their laptop?

    "Wow ! He's got a Belkin bag ! He's not just cool, he's completely trustworthy and above suspicion too !" - Doh !

    no. this won't work.

    you see the security at the airport wants your laptop out to be screen seperately to ensure nothing is hidden behind or underneath it when it passes through the xray. putting a clear window on a bag does nothing to change this.

    think of shadow puppets - you can put a nice window next to it but it wont change the image on the wall.

    I'm sorry I laughed when I read this post. I wonder how much Belkin paid Gizmodo to write this.

      Belkin didn't pay us anything. I'm not sure why you'd think they did, but hey, it's the internet and you can say ANYTHING here!

    Soon as this bag was released i got one!
    I travel a lot and I haven't been pulled up once at Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane airports.

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