Bank To Let Customers Deposit Cheques With iPhone Photos

Great ideas tend to make so much sense that you wonder why they took so long. Here's another: USAA, a privately held bank/insurance company, is updating its iPhone app to let customers snap both sides of a cheque for deposits.

The bank's VP tells The NY Times that once you hit the send button, the deposit is made just like any other cheque—you won't have to mail the cheque in later, either. As everything will be handled electronically, the bank will suggest customers simply void the cheque before either filing or discarding it.

The Times does point out that only customers who are eligible for credit or have some type of insurance through the bank will be eligible for the program, but I gotta tell you—if my bank had this, I'd definitely use it. Being able to deposit at the ATM is one thing, but this screams convenience. Would you use such a feature, or would concerns over the iPhone's security make you too wary? [NY Times]

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