Apple Films Ad For Secret Product In California

Amid extreme security, Apple yesterday filmed a new ad at Jax at the Tracks, a hip 1940s style diner in Truckee, California. Filming on location is a very interesting departure from the usual Apple TV commercials, which are studio based.

Speaking to the Sierra Sun, the owner Bud Hally said Apple wanted a "cool spot for the 20-something crowd."

Some people think this means an ad for a new iPod, but the fact is that nobody has a clue about what this new unreleased secret product really is. Certainly, the security won't be that high for a new variation of an existing model, but you never know with Apple.

In any case, one thing is sure: If true, this is quite a change in Apple's traditional advertising rationale. Instead of a controlled studio environment, and highly stylised ads in which the product takes centre stage against a background, Apple has picked a real location.

We will discover it soon, but curiouser and curiouser I am. [Sierra Sun via 9to5, Photo by Chow]

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