Apple Expects Google Voice App Devs To Pay Refunds Out Of Pocket

Now this is ridiculous. Not only did Apple pull all the unofficial Google Voice apps out of the App Store for a ridiculous reason, now they expect the developers of those apps to fund refunds out of their own pockets.

One of the developers, as you remember, found out that their app had been pulled only when a user emailed them to ask the app wasn't available for purchase. Then, they asked Apple why it was pulled, and was met with what could only be called as an absurd phone exchange. See here for the transcript.

Now, according to an interview given to Maclife, they're being forced to pay for Apple's actions.

"Apple made it impossible for our customers to receive the fixes, updates, and support by pulling the app. We were fulfilling our end of the bargain. Why should those refunds come out of our pocket?" says Duerr. "The refund issue and lack of respect for our mutual customers has further soured us on the belief that Apple cares at all about their developers … other than the dollars they bring in."

I hope the FCC investigation gets somebody's arse smacked down. [MacLife]



    This is just BS.

    Apple, smarten up, stuff your damned App Store! I've had enough!! *Downloads RedSn0w*

    monopoly sucks

    Apple and ATT Wireless are throwing a giant hissy fit like a spoiled 10 year old lying on his face kicking and screaming. I can't believe the FCC allows these kinds of companies control over civilian communications. Apple and ATT are stifling everyone else because they think they're the only developers and want people to acknowledge this lie. I think some developers might even be wary of posting an app for fear of something apple doesn't like. Why'd Apple let the app be put up if they didn't want it out? I think they should fund the refunds and then I think the FCC should sue them for stupidity. Apple: Innovation Stiflers. Everyone quit buying their crap.

    We cannot just sit back and watch Apple slide into a complete meltdown. Let’s pool our resources and send the entire management team for some emergency therapy.

    You are absolutely right. This is completely ridiculous! But, I am glad that the developer of GV Mobile moved his app to Cydia!

    Class action?

    Why in hell is Apple allowed to monoplies this market in the first place??

    If it was microsoft, a whole bunch of lawyers would have been sniffing up the arse years ago!

    Sick of the BS and "big brother", "we know what our customers want and we know how they want it" attitude!

      There is no monopoly. Don't want an iPhone? Buy a different phone. Dont want to deal with the App store? Write apps for Android, Blackberry, or whatever.

      Look at Nintendo -- their control over their platforms is just as absolute as Apple's over the iPhone (greater, actually) and they do even weirder stuff to their developers (who pay far more for the privilege, and pay Nintendo a far larger cut). Basically the people who're whining like ten year olds are developers. (Nintendo developers don't dare whine the way iPhone developers do because it would jeopardize their ability to do business with Nintendo.)

        When's the last time Nintendo had already-released games pulled from every store? Apple isn't just authorizing software, they're completely in charge of distribution as well. This is the same situation that has Amazon revoking books from Kindle units. It's an unprecedented level of control and content providers (such as developers) are getting screwed.

    I wonder if iPhone users will ever get over how cool their phones look and realize they could probably rally to get better service from apple and AT&T. I found a good discussion of the matter here:

    here we go..., this is the reason I HATE THE APP STORE and apple in general, and all digital distribution methods for that matter... they give them selves too much control, expect this to only get worse. I am scared about cloud computing and I am scared that people would prefer digital downloads to disks (the prominent bluray argument). this is why I am scared.

    Its Apple, what do you people expect?

      Imagine if the tables were turned on this - if Microsoft decided to no longer allow apple Safari / QuickTime / iTunes to be used on Windows because they duplicate existing functionality. I don't think Apple would stand by and be stonewalled, they would have their legal team in action.

        Great point. I'm surprised some of the media outlets haven't made a bigger deal of this fact.

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