Always Innovating Touch Book Now Has Working Accelerometer

Always Innovating Touch Book Now Has Working Accelerometer

We liked Always Innovating’s half tablet, half netbook when we saw it, but now the Touch Book has a working accelerometer and a finger-friendly Linux user interface. Oh and it sticks to a fridge door even when you open it.

The start-up started shipping its $US300 Touch Book—which has a a fully detachable keyboard dock and transforms from a standard looking 8.9-inch netbook, to a stand-alone tablet—a few weeks ago to beta testers. The CEO notes today on the company site that they have been gathering feedback from early customers (yes, beta users had to still put down cash).

Though he doesn’t highlight the direct issues, it has been reported that early complaints are related to manufacturing quality and slow touchscreen responses.

One thing that does work is sticking the magnetic backed screen on the fridge. Oh yea, and the swiping through the OS and the accelerometer seem to work pretty well too.

Oui, me still want to get one in my hands. [Always Innovating]