ABC iView Coming To PS3

psn-iviewThis is awesome. As a part of all the Sony announcements overnight, there was a little nugget about VOD content from the ABC for Australians. Turns out Sony and the ABC are going to be trialling a special version of iView on the PS3 that will let you watch all that great ABC VOD content on your TV for free through the Playstation Network.

The trial will begin later this year, and is part of a greater push from the ABC to try and expand iView's reach. The deal is non exclusive, so you could well see it appear on your Xbox or Apple TV in the near future, although there's no word on that just yet.

This means you'll be able to watch any of the 300 plus ABC programs on demand through your PS3 when the trial goes live. At this stage, it's not clear whether this version of iView will remain unmetered with ISPs like iiNet, Primus and Internode, but if it is, this is a huge push forward for VOD in this country.

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