8 Years Of Great Mac OS X Box Design End In A Stupid Clip Art Cat

Mac OS X Snow Leopard leaked box is real. And painful to watch. What happened to eight years of great packaging design? Are ideas running so low in Cupertino that they had to grab a cat from a clip art package?

I understand cost-cutting measures. Production-wise, the first Leopard box is probably the most expensive of them all. But after the good design logic that went into every single box before Snow Leopard, I can't understand how they have settled with this bland design. Especially in this release: The new OS is packed with strong features under the hood, but no wowiezowie eye candy or any must-have-or-die new tool...so why not mark the engine improvements with an awesome box? Or, if not awesome, at least a solid design that tells a good story.

Because right now, the only story I get is, "Hi, I'm a bloody white cat with spots who has been hunting wabbits on the snow all day. I'm wet." Veehee lame indeed.

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