8 Foods That Should Never Be Canned

Canned foods are convenient and they keep well, but they can also turn otherwise appetizing foodstuffs into something Andrew Zimmern probably wouldn't have the guts to eat. Here are ten examples.

Mmmm...a whole chicken in a can. God, it looks like it was just birthed out of an aluminium womb. [Link]

Somehow, the idea of canned bread dough seems palatable while cooked and canned bread seems weird. This is especially true if the can is covered in anime characters and dispensed out of a vending machine. [Tokyo Times]

Hot dogs are scary enough without stewing in their own gross juices for years on end. [Food Network Humor]

There is something unsettling about bacon being stuffed inside a can for 10 years. [Link]

I'm not a big fan of canned meat in general—and the marketing department at Heinz isn't helping matters. [Food Network Humor]

Ahh, the infamous canburger. If you were ever curious about what this might taste like, wonder no more.

Ugh, anyone for some soggy hot wings? [Food Network Humor]

Okay, I understand that there is a stigma associated with putting wine in containers other than a corked bottle—but canning it like a soda is just weird. [Wine In a Can]

Bonus: Who doesn't love a good Manhattan Style Fish Asshole? A joke obviously, but it sounds about as appetising as the other stuff on this list. [Gunaxin]

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