3D Sony Blu-Ray Players To Launch Next Year?

3D Sony Blu-Ray Players To Launch Next Year?
Despite the fact that a whole heap of manufacturers are pushing to release 3D TVs for the home, and movie studios are pushing 3D movies in a big way, there’s still a big issue still to be overcome – what will actually be playing the 3D content? According to CNet, Sony reckons it could have a 3D Blu-ray player on the market by the end of next year.

CNet’s Pam Carroll spoke to Sony’s Yoshinami Takahashi, who made the statement. Of course, there’s a big difference between “can” have a product on the market and “will” have a product on the market, but the bigger question here is “should” they even bother.

Despite the developments in 3D screen technology recently – to the point where it’s actually watchable – there are still going to be a lot of barriers stopping people from entering a 3D-capable home. Things like the need for (stupid) glasses, the inability to show both 3D and 2D images (you’ll need a screen dedicated to 2D and a screen dedicated to 3D), the expense of replacing your perfectly fine 2D Full HD screen with a 3D capable one, a lack of content, the fact that a percentage of people suffer from headaches and nausea when watching 3D all make this a very hard sell. Especially when the only benefit you get is a some depth on screen.

Now when Sony decide to walk down the Hologram Blu-ray player path, I’ll be totally on board. But until then, I still think I’m going to pass on 3D TV in the home.